La mas bella (The Most Beautiful).

The Most Beautiful is a public participative artwork conceived for the X Cuenca Biennale, together with two communities: one urban – Cristo del Consuelo (in Cuenca’s periphery) and the other indigenous (for the Cañar province).

Llamas and alpacas adorned and accompany by a large number of women, children and men, from both communities, as well as two traditional bands, were prepared to exit for the main entrance of the Modern Art Museum and parade through Cuenca’s historic district until they reached the ancient Inca ruins of Pumapungo.

However, a strong rain halted the parade for several hours. The artist improvised a public act inside the museum. When it cleared up, the parade rolled a few blocks and returned to the museum. The final act was a contest where a jury chose the “most beautiful” llama, on the bases of the participants’ aesthetics and cultural validations.