This collaborative performance and event for the opening weekend of EVA INTERNATIONAL 2014 took place over a whole evening at the Limerick Greyhound Stadium. It was in collaboration with the Irish Greyhound Board, the Limerick Greyhound Stadium, the CBS Pipe Band, the Munster Rugby Supporters Club Choir, dog breeders, dogs, trainers, and owners, and Greyhound race commentators.

The Underdog (THE EVA INTERNATIONAL CUP 2014) was a real race followed by an actual award ceremony in which the winning dog and its owner were awarded the Eva International Cup. The race was bet on just like any other, and spectators who were there will realize that the dogs’ names have been changed and given names that call into question issues relating to culture, politics, identity, and economics.

The Underdog (THE EVA INTERNATIONAL CUP 2014) pays homage to a quintessential part of Irish culture while also positively engaging with the wider question of culture and its socio-political, historical, and economical components. Using humour, celebration, parades, and music the festivities preceding and following the actual race bring di erent people together into an event that is both a social gathering and an artistic endeavour. A video of the race featuring its special commentary was part of the exhibition and in later outcomes a series of photo-portraits of dog breeders and their dogs will become part of the project’s expanding repertoire.

This project was supported by Limerick City of Culture 2014 and in partnership with the Limerick Greyhound Stadium and Irish Greyhound Board.