The Fight (La pelea)

On July 21ts 2007, TATE Modern was the venue for a spectacular one-off event involving amateur boxing clubs from London borough of Southwark. The Fight, a boxing, music and dance performance was created by Humberto Velez in collaboration with Fitzroy Lodge ABC, Fisher Downside ABC and Lynn’s Athletic Club and curated by Gabriela Salgado.

The Fight feature amateur, non-competitive displays of boxing skills, music specially composed by MC Mic Assassin and choreography by street dance company Flawless.

Members of the boxing clubs arrived from the Millennium Bridge and the river Thames in two simultaneous processions, one led by a bagpiper one led by three African drummers.

With The Fight Velez proposed to address the existing gap between TATE Modern and those who despite living close remain untouched by its ambitious art programmes. Velez’s intentions was to propose a process-based created activity that instead of single-handedly fulfilling the role of providing education to the community would bring people’s cultural identities to the core of the TATE.