Le Plongeon (The Dive).

Le Plongeon (The Dive) was an aquatic cabaret created for the Pompidou Centre in collaboration with amateur swimming clubs from Paris, young rappers, urban dancers and poets at the Josephine Baker swimming pool in May 2010. The idea was to combine young sports people and urban artists into a contemporary collaborative work that talked about young people’s life in Paris.

For that the Josephine Baker swimming pool became a space of openness, communication and combinations of young Parisians of different social, ethnic and cultural backgrounds in contrast with the usually conservative Paris art scene.

The piscine Josephine Baker is the newest and possibly the most chic swimming pool in Paris and it was given the name of a great American-Parisian performer who also fought for civil rights and social and ethnic integration. Because of her Velez proposed a dynamic performance inspired by the combination of her popular art and social politics.

Velez created a contemporary version of a traditional Parisian genre, the cabaret, which was focused on the young people’s interests in the artistic and sport. For this he used swimming as a social and sport activity with aesthetic potential and combined it with the Parisian street young contemporary music and art movement.