Humberto Vélez

Selected solo exhibitions:

2011 The Awakening/Giigozhkozomin, art ceremony in collaboration with the Mississaugas of New Credits Nation and the Vault Monkey parkour artists, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, Canada
2011 Aesthetics of Collaboration, retrospective of Humberto Velez’s performances, Art Gallery of York University, Toronto, Canada
2010 Le Plongeon, swimming performance for the Pompidou Centre at la Piscine Josephine Baker, Paris
2008 Bodydream, bodybuilding performance and competition, Centro de Arte La Regenta, Las Palmas de Gran Canarias, Spain
2007 The Fight, boxing performance in collaboration with boxing clubs from south London, TATE Modern, London
2006 The Skyline, Kite Performance and Land Art Project, Egilsstadir, Iceland
2005 Regata Cantata, in association with Artwayofthinking, parade and regata, Venice
2005 Artists United, Hip Hop Dance Football Match, Sheffield, Yorkshire Artspace
2004 The Mancunian Way, Hip Hop Parade and concert, Victoria Baths, Manchester
2002 L’Avventura, piñata sculpture-installation, St Peter’s Church Vauxhall, London
2000 Installations (Instalaciones), Mixes media, Museum of Contemporary Art, Panamá
1998 Traumland/La tierra soñada/Dreamland, Video and CD-Rom, Cafe Savoy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the City of Vienna, Vienna

Selected group exhibitions:

2011 54th Venice Biennial
Ethnographic Terminalia, Palais de Congres, Montreal, Canada
Contained Memory, City Art Gallery of Wellington, New Zealand
Complemental, Galeria Diablo Rosso, Panama
2010 Pontevedra Biennial, Spain
Al Calor del Pensamiento, Daros Latinamerica Collection at Santander’s Art Foundation, Madrid, Spain
2009 10th Cuenca Biennial, Ecuador
2008 Biennial of the Central American Isthmus, Tegucigalpa, Honduras
VIII Panama Biennial
2007 Yorkshire Art Space, Sheffield, England
2006 Liverpool Biennial
The Doubtful Stretch (El Estrecho Dudoso), International art exhibition, Celebration of Iberoamerican capital of Culture, Teoretica Foundation, San Jose Costa Rica
2005 VII Panama Biennial
2004 Shanghai Biennale
IV Biennial of the Central American Isthmus
For the Time Being (A promise of Progress), Transition at Victoria Baths, Manchester
Hybris (Videoart in Central America), travelling exhibition to the United States and Europe organized by the Museum of Art and Contemporary Design of Costa Rica
II International Belize Film Festival
2003 VIII Havana Biennial
XXI Film and Video Festival MixBrasil, Brasilia, Sao Paolo, Rio de Janeiro
One Hundred Years of Art in Panama, Museum of Contemporary Art of Panama
III Central American Film Awards ICARO, Guatemala
FlyPitch, Brixton Market, London
2003, Multiple City, City of Panama,
2002 II Iberoamericana Biennial, Lima, Peru
III Central American Biennial, Managua, Nicaragua
VI Panama Biennial
Do It (Central American), TEO/retica, San Jose
Bienamada (Well Loved), Victoria Baths, Manchester, UK
2001 Policies of The Differences: Iberoamerican Art in The End of The Century,
Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Chicago, Madrid, Paris, Valencia
Periferic Biennial, Iasi, Rumania
Urban Intrusions in Panamanian Young Art, Centro Cultural Andrés Bello, Bogota
2000 First Central American Symposium of Artistic Practices, National Gallery, San Jose, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, San Juan, Puerto Rico
1997 Sonar Festival, Barcelona, Spain
1996 III Festival de Video Alternativo, Barcelona, Spain
1995 The First Manchester Short Film & Video Festival, Manchester, England
1992 The Brothers Saiz Film Festival for Young Filmmakers, Havana, Cuba